​​​​​​​​​​​​Established in 1994, STILLMEADOW has assisted shepherds across the United States and Canada in developing purebred Finnsheep genetics.  Known as Finnish Landrace in their native country, this breed developed naturally over hundreds of years.  Finn maternal traits are paramount.  Purebred ewes  commonly raise up to four lambs independently and can lamb during most of the year, allowing great flexibility in management choices.  

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                   STILLMEADOW   FINNSHEEP


    ​Finnsheep Pure Breeder Since​ 1994
​    OPP Test Negative since 1997
    Certified Scrapie Free 2012​
    Wide Genetic Base/Closed Flock​​
    Selected for Maternal Excellence
    Preservation of Proven Traits​
    Hands-On Management
    High Quality Fleeces/All Colors
    Mild Flavored Grass Fed Lamb​
           Mentoring Assistance
    Finnsheep Breeder Association:
        Past Secretary & Director​