The desire for sheep had its seeds planted many years ago when I studied Traditional American Crafts within Fine Arts at Syracuse University.  Since then my destiny must have been predetermined.  Weaving, spinning, pottery, & photography have all been consistent interests.  But when I discovered Finnsheep, a greater passion developed.

Working with pure Finn genetics has been exciting as my initial white flock has expanded to include a wide spectrum of natural color.  Even more fascinating than the beautiful fleeces has been my study of Finnsheep fecundity.  I am convinced there is no more capable maternal breed since Finns have the ability to raise quadruplet lambs unassisted.

Put it all together ~ the docile nature,  the prolificacy, the maternalism, exquisite fleece, growth efficiency on pasture, and the exceptional lean tender lamb meats ~ You just cannot go wrong with Finnsheep !

   STILLMEADOW  ~  About Our Farm

After acquiring our first Finns we soon realized a need to build an efficient shelter.  At that time we were lambing several times annually and decided that a greenhouse livestock shelter would best suit our management style.  We chose a Harnois from Canada due to its feature of roll up sides and the important ridge vent which allows moisture from within to escape, preventing any ammonia buildup.  Additionally the double layer of inflated roof plastic  allows sunlight to permeate the interior, keeping bedding dry and the inside bright and cheerful.   Warmth from the sheep causes the snows to melt and simply slide down the curved roof.  With drain tile placed below the sides we never have a moisture problem.  It was a worthwhile investment since we can house the entire ewe flock and have hay, water, and electricity all under one roof.