Although Finnish Landrace sheep are said to have originated several hundred years ago, the history of Finnsheep in North America began in 1966 with just 4 rams and 8 ewes which were imported into Canada by the University of Manitoba.  Within two years, several small groups of Finns were brought into the United States in hopes of developing a more prolific type of crossbred ewe for the production of market lambs.

Until then, little had been known in America about this landrace breed native to Finland, but the awareness of it's ability to yield litters of lambs distinguished it from the more familiar sheep breeds.  Established in 1971, the Finnsheep Breeders' Association has endeavored to emphasize the versatility of Finnsheep.  Through the efforts of pure breeders, Finns now are recognized world wide for their valuable traits and are components of several newer breeds of sheep. 
     FINNSHEEP  ~  a breed profile
  • Ability to lamb by 12 months
  • Multiple lambs, triplets to quintuplets common
  • Ease of lambing & lamb vigor
  • Out of season breeding
  • Terrific foraging ability
  • Tender, lean, mild flavor meat
  • Soft, lustrous wool
  • Friendly temperament
  • Longevity
Established  Traits